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How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property or IP covers original discoveries, designs, ideas, inventions, literary and creative works produced by a group or by an individual.  In the earlier years, protecting Intellectual Property is not a big deal, but with information being more accessible and simpler to share and distribute these days because of modern technology, protection your works and creations from thieves, copycats and infringers become crucial. 

Protecting your intellectual property isn’t just necessary to make sure that your innovations will not be stolen or copied.  IP protection also establishes incentives; therefore, anything that you create can actually proliferate and benefit more individuals without violating your rights. 

Here are the ways on how to protect your intellectual property: 

Register Trademarks, Patents, and Copyright 

Patents, trademarks, and the copyright is the common types of Intellectual Property Protection. These grants a person the exclusive rights to his creations, more importantly in terms of commercial gains from using it. 


This applies to the protection of tangible and intangible works. You will own the copyright as soon as you create something even if you did not register it; however, registering your works make it easier to validate your exclusive ownership especially in legal disputes completely. 


Businesses make use of logos, designs, symbols, and phrases in their marketing strategies and business identity as well. These words and images help businesses connect with their customers. In 2020, Snapchat used trademark cease and desist to go after websites that featured Snapchat nudes.  These things, therefore, need to be protected. To ensure your business’s protection, register your trademark. 


If you have invented a product, equipment, or the machine or chemical composition, filing for a patent is the best way to protect this. Patents are known to carry lawful protection, one that’s  excluding others to create and distribute your inventions without your approval and license. 

Implement Security Measures 

Using internet technology is proven beneficial, but this also carries risks and dangers. If you are using an IT network, you need to ensure that robust and reliable security measures are implemented. You can set passwords to protect your computer network, use Virtual Private Network Access or VPN, and encrypt your data since files can be accessible within your IT system and more. You can also consider investing on top of the line software tools for distributing and storing files. 

Avoid Joint Ownership 

IP might be developed and made by …

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How Dating Apps Are Built

As individuals live in the digital age, the use of applications has become rampant. App developers build typical applications in the particular language needed for the desired application or platform. The apps are then downloaded from the app store to the devices and are usually stored in the memory of such a device and make them ready to use in just a few clicks of the app icon. 

But what about dating apps? What are they and how are they created? 

Gone are the days of meeting someone at the park or the nearby cafés and malls. The internet has now connected millions of individuals all over the world. In this world of gadgets, people have now found a means to meet and connect with other people. Dating apps have become one of the platforms that allow meeting, matchmaking, and starting relationships with. 

Learn the Ways on how these Dating Apps are Built 

The following are the common steps on how dating apps are built: 

Introduce the Dating App’s Functionality 

When getting started with building dating apps, the functionality of the app must be clearly introduced. The very first interaction with the fuckbook is important as the first date. So the dating app must be properly introduced to the targeted users. As an app builder and creator, you should not set aside the power of first impressions. 

Make Sure to Include the Necessary Set of Features 

Dating apps are built with a set of key features. These important features include but not limited to, the following: 

  • Registration 
  • User Profiles 
  • Search filters 
  • Methods of matching or choosing a partner or date 
  • Real-time event messages 
  • Functional features (paid ) 

            Without these features, the dating app will not be as effective and engaging.

Dating Apps Built with Matching Algorithms 

After inputting essential information about themselves, users of dating apps will then get down into business and do what they’re supposed to do, and that is to find the right one for them. This is the first step in the delicate matchmaking process and a prime example of the fuck app Fuck Meets. Dating apps make use of a wide range of matching techniques in order to match up individuals and partners who really like each other. 

Dating Apps Built with Safety Features 

Although both women and men use dating apps increasingly, safety features are of great …

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Top Mobile App Development Frameworks In 2021

With the industry’s blockchain project proliferation, the world of mobile app development is rapidly changing. Adoption continues to grow, with the number of mobile app developers growing exponentially. But the app development landscape is expected to change in the next five years. From the development framework to the data models, mobile app development will be more than ever. The mobile world is constantly evolving and showing signs of maturity. With the rise of mobile game platforms and social networks, the mobile app development ecosystem is beginning to expand beyond the app store. So here are the Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 202.

• Ionic

• Xamarin

• Swiftic

• Native Scripts

• Sencha Ext JS

• Flutter

• Adobe PhoneGAp

• JQuery Mobile

App development is a complex process that requires a lot of technical skills for each step. Developers need to create an application, implement the UI, and then deploy it to an app store. This process is similar to the way you make a website. You need to create a domain name, create a server, and then publish the website. However, app development is much more complicated than creating a website since you need to first design and then build an application that can be used on a phone or a tablet.

Mobile app development is a booming field, with millions of apps being developed and millions more being downloaded every month.  The number of mobile apps continues to grow, with the average number of apps downloaded in 2017 reaching over 1.2 billion, up by 5% from the previous year.  The growth of the mobile app industry has been driven by the rapid growth of applications on smartphones, with over 200 billion mobile app downloads in 2017.  In addition to mobile apps, developers are also creating mobile websites that allow users to access web content via a mobile browser for accessing information.

There are so many app development frameworks that are available in the market, and picking the right one can be a daunting task for budding app developers. An application framework a framework is a collection of components that helps you build apps. It can be evaluated in terms of its ease of use, modularity, flexibility, and performance.   …

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Tools To Build Apps In 2021

Are you planning to build your own app? You know for a fact that hiring an app development company might cost you a fortune, and literally, there are thousands of them, so choosing the best company can be challenging and time-consuming. 

The good thing is that building your own app these days doesn’t really need massive investments, long months of works, and even professional coding skills and experience. You only need the best tools to build apps, and you can build and create your own apps like a pro. You can use these tools in building mobile apps and website apps, depending on your needs and purpose. 

The following are the most recommended tools to build apps in 2020: 

Appy Pie 

Though Appy Pie is an exclusive app company from India, this is also an app building tool allowing you to create mobile-friendly versions sites for free. This is one of the reasons why this tool is popular. This offers lots of industry-specific and all-ready templates such as church app, dating app, restaurant app, and more. 

This tool made the process of app building understandable, clear, and manageable for everybody. You can choose a design, add the necessary features, and then publish. Appy Pie is a user-friendly tool. There is a step by step guide on how to build an app using this tool that you can access online. 


This is a mobile application maker that can produce native apps for Windows, iOS, Android, and more and responsive hybrid apps and web apps. One of the great things about this tool is that you do not need to install anything and can begin using the visual editor as soon as possible. There is a drag and drop option that is proven useful to non-designers and non-coders. 

You just need to choose the app template and components and then assemble your exclusive user interface. There are added functions for the advanced app development available for you at hand. 


This app building tool also a must-have on your list since it is among the top tools to create or build applications faster. This tool includes a server for the apps, UI configuration, and several reporting options. This tool also includes code-free visual audio that incorporates HTML5 and Javascript to build any type of apps. Verivo also features data synchronization, deployment, integrations, and authentications. 


This is another great tool for …

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