You are free to use any of the code/block snippets in this site but please don’t try to modify any of the apps below a bit and deploy in the market. We have enough silly apps in the market. Let’s not make it worse.

Download the source code of the apps below from Downloads page and have fun!

Tarsier Attack

This was my first app inspired by MoleMash game. You can use .png formatted images to make the images look better. This has a plenty of components a simple game can have; multiple screens, database for saving scores and player names in different game levels, sound effect, collision detection, list for storing and manipulating data, sorting of list, locked and unlocked levels, notification messages using a footer label, game sound, simple animations, and many more. The blocks in this game can be optimized and simplified using different lists and all, but it’s easy to understand this way and when you are ready, you will automatically come up with ideas to implement the logic in simpler ways. Some screenshots –

Note: This app didn’t implement screen size optimization logic. Hence, it will not look the same in different screen sizes. If you want to optimize your app for different screen sizes, take look at Universal Screen Size block.

Where Am I

Say you are going to some place you are not familiar with. This app lets you save your current location and then go where you need to go, if you think you are lost along the way, the app can show you how far you have come from the point when you saved your last location information. This  app uses LocationSensor, ActivityStarter, and TinyDB. Here’s a snapshot-

Bird Explosion

This app shows how to make an explosion effect on the canvas. I added comments on the blocks for you to easily understand. Basically, I have a sprite that moves from one edge to another on the canvas. When the user touches the sprite, I have a timer that goes off and shows some images that creates an explosion effect. This app uses the calculation for different components to fit in different phone screen sizes. This also has a Quit button that exits the app upon click. Remember your background images should be large enough for bigger device screens. Here are some screenshots –